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14 Reasons People Watch Spanish TV Even If They Don't Speak Spanish

Regardless of whether you understand it, everyone can appreciate it.

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1. The catfights are beyond.

2. And the abs. SO MANY ABS.

3. The dramatic plot lines are GROUNDBREAKING.

4. Plus, where else can you see moves like this?

5. The actors are always muy caliente.

John Parra / Contributor / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

6. AY, and the costumes! Que bonita!

JC Olivera / Contributor / WireImage / Getty Images

7. How about those insanely catchy theme songs?!

8. They're perfect for testing your Spanish comprehension skills.


9. And it's also fun to say words that require r-r-rolling off the tongue.


10. Then again, you don't need to speak Spanish at all, because most of the drama is visible through looks and gestures.


11. And the universal language of music.

Rodrigo Varela / Contributor / Getty Images

12. Perhaps you studied abroad in Barcelona, and hearing the Spanish language reminds you of your incredible time there.

13. Or the only thing that soothes your soul at the end of the day are these piercing eyes that gaze at you with great pasión:

Alexander Tamargo / Contributor / WireImage / Getty Images

14. Or you've just always wanted to be a part of the most hardcore fan club ON EARTH.

Ben Horton / Contributor / Getty Images

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