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    007 Facts About James Bond Movies

    It's not all martinis, girls and guns. Or is it? (This is for the Editorial Fellowship.)

    Since 1962, the silver screen's James Bond has dazzled audiences with thrills, spills and chills in 24 films.

    With the upcoming release of No Time To Die looking like a game-changer for the franchise, it's time to take stock on little-known facts that'll leave moviegoers shaken and stirred about the James Bond franchise.

    Michael Caine, Burt Reynolds and Henry Cavill were all considered for James Bond

    Diana Ross, Faye Dunaway, and Catherine Deneuve were considered for 'Bond Girl' roles

    The movie plots have nothing to do with their book counterparts

    Vesper Lynd's missing child and Goldfinger's twin brother are abandoned plots

    Radiohead, Blondie and Johnny Cash recorded rejected theme songs

    Madeleine Swann is the first love interest to return since the '60s

    Is James Bond a codename?

    What's your favorite James Bond movie? Will you see No Time To Die? Who should replace Daniel Craig?