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11 Ways To Up Your Recycling Game During The Holidays

With lots of gift-giving and entertaining, the holiday season is filled to the brim with empty bags, boxes, and containers! Learn how to recycle them properly and turn to Recycling Simplified by Republic Services for reliable and responsible recycling information.

1. Opt for kraft paper gift bags for presents.

2. Get creative with recyclable wrapping paper.

3. Stick to plain paper cards and envelopes.

4. Gift baked goods in reusable containers.

5. Ask for paper bags rather than plastic when shopping — or bring your own bags!

6. Speaking of no food or liquid on recyclables, make sure to clean out those eggnog cartons and cranberry sauce cans, and let them dry before recycling!

7. Break down the cardboard shipping boxes your gifts come in.

8. As you and your family unwrap and enjoy new gifts, separate the paper and plastic packaging before recycling.

9. Screw bottle caps or jar lids from your holiday festivities back on before recycling.

10. Remember that aluminum foil you use for covering leftovers CAN be recycled (as long as it's unsoiled!).

11. And if you already have excellent recycling habits, don't let them slide during the craziness of the holidays!

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All facts courtesy of Recycling Simplified by Republic Services.

Spread some eco-friendly joy this holiday season! Let Recycling Simplified by Republic Services help you recycle and dispose of your waste reliably and responsibly.

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