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How To Sharpen A Router Bit In The Most Convenient Way Possible

Do you want to take care of your dull router bit? Luckily, we have come up with the right solution on how to sharpen a router bit!

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Router bits would sometimes turn dull over time. But, do you know some ways on how to sharpen a router bit? You do not need to worry because we got your back!

As you work on chisels and hand planes, you would tend to forget that we have to stop working on the tool. You need to have a break to re-sharpen the tool. Some people would use a high-quality carbide to take care of its edges since it is longer than a tool steel. However, they should also take note that sharpening a router bit would take time.

If a tool needs to become jagged, then you may have to work hard on the device at least once every week. You also need to remember that even a fragile wood that you can easily wreck can intensely lessen the sharpness of the bit.

Tips to Consider When Caring for a Router Bit

Tip #1: A Router Bit’s Surface May Not be as Flat as You Think


When you want to sharpen your bit, you do not have to panic when you find out that the surface of the flute is not flat. It may take a lot of effort to lap every pipe completely so you can quickly sharpen the tips of the flute.

Tip #2: Using Diamond Abrasives

When working with diamond abrasives, you can choose an extra-fine or just thin brushes with 600 to 1200 grit. When you need more aggressive abrasives, you may just seek the help of an expert grinder.

Tip #4: You Need to Clean Your Router Bit Often

Regular cleaning of your bit is as crucial as sharpening it. You need to get rid of ball bearing pilots before you can care for your bit. Then, you have to brush a coat of cleaner all over its edges and leave it there for 15 minutes. You have to scrub it using a brush under running water. Lastly, you have to let it dry.

Easy Steps to Sharpen a Router Bit

When sharpening a router bit, you do not need to panic because it is easy to do. You do not require any machine, or measuring instrument to do this. What you need to obtain are a few diamond paddles or a diamond needle file to sharpen a bit.

Here are the steps on how to sharpen your router bit:

* Firstly, you need to remember that you just need to work on the flat radial face. Thus, you do not have to sharpen the outer edge of the flute since you might change the diameter of the bit.

* It is vital to sharpen the bit evenly to balance the sides and so that you can slash it smoothly. You do not need to work on just a single flute until it becomes sharp enough. You can give one part at least ten strokes each.

* Then, you can rotate the router bit and stroke the next flute at least five to ten times.

* Lay the diamond needle file or a diamond paddle on the flat part of the pipe.

* Next, you have to hold it gently so you can allow it stay flat.

* You can also use diamond abrasives to dry the bit. They will prevent clogging, and they require less time for cleaning.

* You can grab the router bit using your one hand and hold the sharpener with the contrary. But, you can also secure it with your router drill.

* You need to have a good look at every flute. By doing so, you can make the router bit clearer and sharper.


When you have done all of the steps provided above, how do you know if the router bit is already sharp? When after hours of working on sharpening the edges of your bit, you have to use your sense of sight and touch for to find out. If under a source of light, you observe no flecks of light along the tips, then the bit is sharp enough. Additionally, if the router bit already feels smooth and prickly, then you have done your job well.

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