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    Reno Little Theater - Stage Manager Quiz

    Ever wondered what type of SM you are? Who hasn't! PS: this is 100% accurate.


    Scenario: An actor forgot their pencil, what do you do?
    What type of donut are you?
    • Glazed
    • Maple Bar
    • Old Fashioned
    • Cereal Donut
    A cast member comes to you, complaing that another ate the last snickers. What do you do?
    Here is a math problem. Simplify the following expressions:(2/3 (x^2+4)^(1/2) (x^2-9)^((-2)/3)-x(x^2-9)^(1/3) (x^2+4)^((-1)/2))/(x^2+4)
    Light Cue 885 doesn't go when you call it. What do you do?
    Pick a pencil
    • Funny Pencils
    • Mechanical Pencil
    • Black Pencil
    • Giant Pencil
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