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Here’s Basically Everything You Need To Know About Your Gut

Gut check!

A healthy gut starts with a healthy mouth (and vice versa!)

Your esophagus is strong...yet sensitive.

The stomach gets all the hype but does the least work.

The small intestine sorts the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Last stop: the large intestine.

Having a “gut feeling” is real! And it can really affect your mental health.

A healthy gut means getting sick less often.

The state of your gut can seriously affect you during your period.

Gut health is super important for your kids’ development.

So, as you can see, gut care isn’t just concerned with how well you poop.

The more we learn about our guts, the more science is telling us it’s a vital part of our physical and mental well-being!

Animation by William Smith / © BuzzFeed

Now that you know EVERYTHING about your gut, here’s how to make it happy — combination of a probiotic-rich diet and taking probiotic supplements like RenewLife Probiotics.