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11 Texts Your Gut Would Totally Send You If It Could

Your gut can be a real chatterbox sometimes! Make the conversation a positive one with RenewLife Probiotic Supplements. Your gut will thank you.

1. When you’re about to get down with some spicy food.

2. When you take a walk down the dairy aisle.

3. When you’re just at work, minding your own business.

4. When you’re on a date.

5. When you’re just at home, chilling.

6. When you’re getting dressed.

7. When you’re driving.

8. When you’re at a barbecue.

9. When you’re trying to sleep.

10. When you’re on a run.

11. When you take a probiotic supplement for the first time.

Your gut may not be able to use a phone, but it’s definitely trying to tell you something! So listen and use RenewLife Probiotic Supplements! Your gut will thank you.

All illustrations by Kara Mohr for BuzzFeed.