17 Perfect Gifts For Anyone Who Knows They're Better Than Everyone Else

    Not suitable for peasants.

    1. This phone case with the perfect emoji:

    2. This pushy print that says it in neon lights:

    3. This mug that lets everyone know exactly what you're up to:

    4. This perfectly prickly necklace:

    5. This mean jumper:

    6. This vain patch:

    7. This judgmental makeup bag:

    8. This petty crop top:

    9. This arrogant cat pin:

    10. This matter of fact t-shirt:

    11. This patronizing mousepad that goes full circle:

    12. This conceited bracelet:

    13. These fabulously immodest pencils:

    14. This precious print:

    15. This comfortably smug sweater:

    16. This flashy tote:

    17. And finally this sticker, because the list wouldn't be complete without Kanye.

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