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    17 Items Every Frickin' Lazy Person Will Adore

    Nap time all the time.

    1. This spiritual print.

    2. This gorgeous tapestry.

    3. This funny card with some practical advice.

    4. This super cute couch potato cushion that is 100% you.

    5. This tote that knows the future.

    6. This perfect sweater.

    7. This very unromantic card.

    8. This tank that doesn't do responsibility.

    9. This cute cat pin that would rather be in bed.

    10. These adorable socks that say how you feel about most things.

    11. This mug for when you're busy doing nothing.

    12. This tee that knows the best time to wear PJs.

    13. This print that knows true love.

    14. This t-shirt with no ambitions.

    15. This simple wall hanging with your favourite letter of the alphabet.

    16. This pretty pillow for the habitually chill.

    17. And finally, this always-accurate clock.

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