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10 Little Things You Do That Say A Lot About You

You might not notice the little things you do, but everyone else does. Another thing that they might notice is you driving a Renault Clio.

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1. How you greet someone.

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Handshake or peck on the cheek.

2. How you hug someone.

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The big bear hug or the light back tap hug.

3. How you strut.


Fierce and strong or skipping.

4. What you do with your phone during dinner.

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Leave it on the table facing up or down.

5. How you leave your bed before leaving the house.

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Make it or just let it be.

6. What time you like to get up on a Saturday morning.

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Early enough to check out the markets or just in time not to miss brunch.

7. How you drink your coffee.

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Cold, double shot or black.

8. How you handle the morning after a big night out.

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Giant pizza and sunglasses all day or sleep.

9. How you text.

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A lot of emojis or full sentences.

10. What sort of photos you upload.

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Just the best ones or candid ones too where no one was ready at all.

What does your car say about you?

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