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Surprising Causes Of Bad Breath

For many people, bad breath is something they might not realize. Whether it be at work, meeting with someone, or even when dating someone.

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You can get rid of bad breath, but often, if you clean up your teeth, it can end up still smelling even after that. However, there are some underlying dental issues you can talk to your dentist in Santa Clarita about, and you can use this to help figure out a solution. However, there are a few obvious causes to bad breath you should look out for first, and these are a very easy fix.

The first, is dental hygiene. If your breath is still stale and smelly after brushing, you should take a look at the routine that you have. Even if you do this for at least two minutes a day twice a day, it can sometimes still smell because of how frayed the edges of the toothbrush you. You should make sure to replace it every three to four months for best results. You should also keep in mind that you have to brush your tongue. That is a hive for bacteria and a favorited location. You should also get rid of the particles between your teeth with the flossing, since a mere toothbrush can’t get everything, so it’s important that you take a look at this as well. Your brushing and oral habits should be considered as well, for it can be a huge part of why your breath is smelly.

You also might have to look at your diet. Your diet can be a source of bad breath, even those that are healthy. For many, they consider going on a low-carb or a diet with no carbs at all. This often can result in ketosis, which will create acetone. Acetone if a pungent compound, and it can definitely make your breath smelly. If you can, try to eat some more carbs, but if you don’t want to do that, you should start to drink more fluids and up the salt intake in the body. If you are worried about what you’re eating, you should consider this as well. There are some foods that will leave a smell on your body, and not just on the mouth. For example, garlic and onions are sulfurous, and these compounds are then absorbed into the bloodstream. You will release these when you exhale. There are other foods and drinks that can create a great environment for bacteria growth as well, which in turn will cause decay in the mouth as well. For example, coffee, high-sugar foods, and alcohol can cause all of this, so you should make sure that you limit these if you’re worried that this is happening.

Now, if you do this and it’s still not enough, there are a few things that you can do. For starters, you should go to see your dentist in Santa Clarita to make sure that gum disease and other such problems aren’t causing issues with your breath. You can also start to make some changes to help put your breath back to the original freshness.

Sugarless gum is one of the options. You can chew it for about five minutes after a meal to get rid of some of the food particles that are there. You can do this even just once a day if you do desire, and it can really help. If you are wondering what to get, get xylitol, since it will inhibit bacteria growth. You should also have this since it will improve the saliva production as well to rinse your mouth.

Having foods high in vitamin D does help as well. Vitamin D does reduce the amount of bacteria in your mouth, and you can get this in orange juice, eggs, yogurt, and some fish. Yogurt with probiotics in it also helps with the sulfur compounds as well.

These are some of the various reasons why you’re suffering from bad breath. You should take a look at each of these, figure out which ones might be fitting your life and your situation, and from there, start to make the changes that you must make for yourself.

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