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14 Things That Will Make You Laugh And Cry About Your Social Anxiety

...Did I type that weird?

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1. It's rude to say hello without texting first.

You know when someone catches you off guard and you say hello in a weird way and you replay it in your head for the rest of your life

2. Why are we still doing roll call in 2017 when we can raise our hands silently from our seats?

me overthinking how I said "here" during attendance

3. Thanks, didn't know positivity was the cure.

Instagram: @glamntrashy_xo

4. Finally responded to my mother's email.

Nothing sexier than realizing the task you've been putting off for six months due to unjust anxiety only took you 7 minutes to do.


6. Just wondering why you ignored the third sentence in a text I sent last month.

Instagram: @thedryginger

7. But I really, really enjoyed the pancakes.

Instagram: @sleepnotsocialize

8. Please do not disturb, I'm way too swamped doing nothing.

Instagram: @catchdisblock2

11. I'm here for a good time, not a long time...

Instagram: @damnber_
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