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The Thirst Is Real with Charity: Water.

1 in 10 people worldwide do not have access to clean water. Donate, pledge, or fundraise for Charity: Water and change someone's life.

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Clean water changes everything.

To the people in developing countries, clean water can change their lives in 4 major ways- time, health, education, and women empowerment. More specifically 663 million people in the world live without clean water (thats twice the size of the United States). The majority live isolated rural areas, who spend most of their day walking to water, and much of the time the water is wrought with diseases and dirty. By teaming up with the non-profit Charity: Water anyone has the power to donate, pledge, or fundraise for a cause that makes a major difference in the clean water supply. Let's explore the 4 major ways that a donation, or your time fundraising could have major pay off in these communities.

Time: Imagine spending 40 billion hours a year walking for water.

For women in Africa, this is their reality. They will spend their day walking to a supply that might not even be clean but infected with disease and dirt. The time they save if they did not have to walk all those long hours could be used to grow food, go to school, and earn an income to support their families.

Health: Dirty water kills more than war.

Disease ridden water kills more people than all forms of violence- in fact, 43% of those deaths are kids 5 years old and younger. If you calculated it up, 16,000 lives can be saved per week if these countries had access to basic sanitation and clean water. You can make a difference and save someone's life by donating $30, making a pledge, and fundraising to others near you.

Education: clean water helps children in school.

The less time spent on walking to collect water, means more time spent attending school and hitting the books. Clean water even helps schools stay sanitary. 31% of schools lack the basic access to safe water and basic sanitation globally. 1 in 4 girls did not complete primary school because they are responsible for taking the gruesome walk to collect water before the males in the family have to. Clean water is proven to help female enrollment in school. In fact, there was a 15% increase when provided with clean water. 443 days, on average, is the amount missed by children due to water stricken illness. By donating, making a pledge, and/or fundraising for the movement to cleaner water, you inherently are creating the opportunity for children to attend school and build a better future for themselves.

Women empowerment: women are responsible for 72% of water collection.

Donate, pledge, and/or fundraise helps a community get water. When a community gets water, women and young girls of poverty induced families get their lives back. They get better education, start businesses, and take charge of their potential.

Investment to change the world.

Access to clean water is a great investment. It is, perhaps, the most powerful way to spark an economic growth that is proven in numbers! For every 1 dollar invested into clean water can make the opportunity for 4-12 dollars in economic returns.

Here's How.

Donate: $30 dollars will give you $120-3600 in economic returns and change a life. Pledge your birthday: It's easy, instead of asking for gifts, ask for donations. Charity: Water gives 100% of the money you raise to fund clean water projects and when completed you will receive access to the exact projects you funded with photos and GPS. Campaign: $350 will give 11 people access to clean water. Make a difference, and change a life.

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