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Making Gratitude Cool Again: A Guide For Showing Thanks All Year Long

November has flown by fast, and with that, The Thanksgiving holiday. However, why does this season of gratitude often limit itself to one month of the year. Thankfulness has been on my mind for a while, urging me to remember it's importance on a daily basis. Making gratitude a mindset rather than a season is daunting and scary. It may even seem impossible to those of us whom carry full schedules and responsibilities. There are some ways to express gratitude that take minutes, but each one I'm about to list is do-able and easy! So I'll leave you with a thought: why not choose 1-2 of these bullet points to better yourself and other around you.

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Call Your Mom/Sister/Grandma

Take 1-2 minutes to say hello and catch up for a second. Ask her what she has planned for the day, what she hopes to accomplish, and ease her worry if she is nervous for a goal she has planned. This will mean so much to her, that you took time out of your busy day to reach out and let her know you're there if she needs you. Something to always remember about your mother is that: yes, you're getting older, but so is she.

Write a List of 10 Things You're Thankful For

Each day when you wake up, pull out a notebook and write what you're thankful for! Studies have shown that this simple task leads to a healthier mindset and boosting moods from the get-go. So next time you sit in bed drinking your morning joe and scrolling through your twitter timeline- opt for writing this list instead!

Send a Simple "I'm Thankful for You" Text

You have no idea what others are going through on a daily basis- just like they have no idea what you're going through. We all live in our own worlds sometimes, and that's okay. Sending a quick text like this can be someone's day maker.

Look up and Study Bible Verses

Can you spare 2% of your day (30 minutes) to grow in your faith? The answer is, yes. I read 1-2 chapters of a devotional book (I suggest "Uninvited" by Lysa Terkeurst) and take time to reflect in a journal afterwards. This is an instant mood booster and shows the Lord your thankfulness.

Fill a Car Meter that is About to Expire

I've done this SO many times! Event though the driver probably won't realize you did this, it is a way you can show thoughtfulness unto others. Also, good karma is never a bad thing.

SMILE at People

This takes zero time out of your day to change. Smiling at others as you pass them or striking up a friendly conversation with people in line as you wait for your coffee is a way to better your mood and those around you. Be a light when there is darkness (especially before coffee).

Next time someone asks for a favor, be the first to offer help

Do as to others as you would want them to do to you. This can be as simple as one of your friends asking for a ride to the grocery store- next time someone needs help, do a friend a favor just because you would hope someone would do the same for you if you needed it.

Give a Hand to the Homeless

The restaurant I work at wastes A TON of perfectly fine food everyday. One day, I felt pretty bad about throwing away the standard bread basket we give to every table, and opted to put it in a to-go container instead. The next day, I took my collection of bread on my way to my morning classes and passed the usual number of homeless people. I gave all of them a box of bread. They were SO thankful! I've never stopped doing it since. Find opportunities in your daily life to make other people's a little bit easier, you'll never regret it.

Write a Thank you Note/Letter to a Friend, Family Member, or Significant Other.

We're going to get old school here for a second: writing hand written letters! This may seem like a dying form of communication, but it is one that shows how much you care. Going out of your way to write, address, and deliver a note through the mail is so much more meaningful than a simple text or call. Ease a persons worry, stress, anger, or sadness through a personalized letter! This won't solve their problem/battle they're going through, but it will be a reminder that there is someone who cares for them and is there if needed.

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