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11 Things To Do In Autumn That You've Never Heard Of!

Fall flies by in a flash, so here are some activities you can do with your friends/family to take advantage of the crisp weather & beautiful sceneries before the season is over!

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1. Go Apple Picking

To my Nebraskans: try Martin's Hillside Orchard!

2. Get Lost in a Corn Maze

I mean, it IS Nebraska after all.

3. Go For a Hayride

Visiting your local pumpkin patch is MUST for this season! Try Roca Berry Farm or Vala's this fall season.

4. Plant Bulbs in your Garden for next Spring

With this activity you can try to ACT like you have a green thumb. Here is a step-by-step guide:

5. Jump in a Pile of Leaves

Do it. No one's watching.

6. Drink Hot Spiced Cider

Here's my go-to recipe:

7. Carve your OWN Pumpkin

Because YOU IS AN independent women and don't need no man. Here is a pinterest board full of ideas:

8. Tour a Winery

that is, if you're over 21, duh.

9. Start Christmas Shopping?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday, anyone????

10. Host a Potluck Thanksgiving Dinner.

Gather your friends and family to make memories the best way we know how... over a table full of food.

11. Remember what You're Thankful For

This is a season of thankfulness. So take a second to look around you and realize how blessed you are to be in the place you are.

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