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Get Millennials Back On The Book

Facebook has recently seen a drop in millennial users. Here are some reasons why they should #GetBackontheBook

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Connect with old friends.

This may sound cheesey, but everyone has old friends they have lost contact with in recent years. You are still friends on Facebook and every once in a while you will like one of their pictures. Facebook provides an easy way to stay connected with friends from across the country with just a few likes.

Buy things.

Buying things on Craigslist can be creepy and sketchy. Who knows who you are going to meet. Facebook now features a Marketplace. It allows users to purchase and sell almost anything! The Marketplace allows you to bid or straight purchase items in a easy manner.

Comic relief.

Everyone loves a good laugh in the middle of your busy day. Everyone also has that one friend that loves to share funny videos on Facebook or tag you in funny memes. It's an easy fun way to interact with your friends and provide laughs for everyone.


Okay, give me a second to explain. Not legit stalking, but checking up on that ex-boyfriend or girlfriend to make sure their new partner is uglier than you. You don't want to see them in person, but you want to check and see what their new life without you is like.

That old substitute teacher

Remember when you were 16 years old and you had that hot 20 year old substitute teacher? They flirted a little, but they said you were to young. Now is your chance. You haven't seen them in years, but a little friend request can go a long way.

Find out if that phone number you got at the bar actually looks good with the lights on.

You go out with your friends on a Friday night and the night is coming to a close. You went to the bar with a purpose, but have been unsuccessful. Someone comes up to you and asks for your number. Its dark in the bar, but they are exactly what you're looking for. The next morning is your chance to look them up on Facebook and see what they look like with the lights on. Facebook can save you from a scary date.

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