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Top 9 Life Hacks For Starting A New Term

Starting a new term --- whether you're coming back from break or are enrolling for the first time--while incredibly exciting, can also feel a little overwhelming at times. But have no fear! We have a fantabulous back-to-school guide to help ease you into the transition.

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1. Riding that textbook train


Nothing makes a better first impression than getting a jump-start on your class reading list. Order/buy your books early to ensure you get best picks.

2. Reading the class syllabus and checking it twice


Go into your first week of classes ready to kick some major (pun intended) booty! A great way to prepare and see if a particular course will be a good fit for you is to read up on your class syllabi.

3. Shop till you drop


Any excuse is a good excuse to go shopping. Hit up your local office supply or clothing store and pick up a pack of flashy new highlighters and that pair of shoes. Start the new term off right with a little style and a lot of confidence.

4. Mark Your Calendar


With classes and club meetings, not to mention penciling "Grilled Cheese Day" at the cafeteria, it’s hard to keep all of your commitments straight. Kick the term off right by staying organized and filling out your calendar with all of your most important things to do!

5. Rise and Shine


Although the lure of the snooze button will be all too enticing, try to start getting up earlier during the week. Whether you are on campus or are taking an online class, you’ll thank yourself when you’re able to be up and ready to tackle the day!

6. Food for thought


Tasty and nutritious grub = brain power. Scope out your school's cafeteria, make a plan to bring healthy lunches and snacks, or check out places near your campus where you can grab that mid-afternoon taco/sandwich/smoothie/coffee pick-me-up.

7. Dolla, dolla bills yo


Building a budget is the perfect way to look at your money and make a plan for how to best allocate your funds during the semester i.e. textbooks, tuition and those weekend ski/snowboard trips to the mountains you and your friends are bound to take.



Heading back to school is a great time to set some goals, not only in the classroom but outside of it as well. Do you want to get in better shape, or are you looking to land an awesome internship? At the start of a new term, anything is possible.

9. Treat yo'self!


Starting a new term refreshed and rejuvenated will help get you in the right mindset to tackle those goals. Taking care of your mental health is just as important as your physical health so have that Netflix binge, eat that cupcake and car karaoke to your favorite Hanson CD.

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