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10 Questions It's Never OK To Ask A Transgender Person

According to Against Me!'s Laura Jane Grace.

Maybe you've heard of Against Me!, the incredible Florida punk rock band whose literate and voluble anthems have been celebrated by basically every major music outlet and Bruce Springsteen.

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Warner Bros. Records.

Early this year, the band released Transgender Dysphoria Blues, its critically acclaimed sixth album and first since lead singer/songwriter Laura Jane Grace came out as transgender in 2012.

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Against Me!

On Oct. 10, Grace will follow up Transgender Dysphoria Blues with True Trans, a 10-part AOL web series about the real lives of transgender people across America.

Grace stopped by BuzzFeed recently for some real talk about the annoying/hurtful questions transgender people deal with every day.

If you want to be smarter about transgender issues, or just a generally better human, here are 10 questions to never ask a transgender person.

1. "Which bathroom do you use?"

2. "So, when is the surgery?

3. "Are you sure you aren't just gay?"

4. "Do you have a penis?"

5. "Can I see pictures of you before you transitioned?"

6. "What's your real name?"

7. "Why don't you try harder to look like a woman/man?"

8. "Are you going to change your voice?"

9. "Am I still straight if I want to fuck you?"

10. "How do you have sex?"

Watch the trailer for True Trans below.

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