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    Premiere: Let Young Ejecta's "Your Planet" Beam You To Your Happy Place

    Get lost in the Brooklyn duo's latest italo-disco confection. WARNING: NSFW artwork.

    This is Young Ejecta (formerly Ejecta), a conceptual character and synth pop duo from Leanne Macomber of Neon Indian and Joel Ford of Ford & Lopatin / Autre Ne Veut.

    Driftless Recordings

    The Brooklyn band's dreamy 2013 debut Dominae introduced a mystic universe of post-disco dance music that will be extended in January with a new mini-album called The Planet.

    Driftless Recordings

    The Planet is out January 27 from Ford's label Driftless Recordings. That up there is the artwork.

    The project's pseudo title track, "Your Planet," is a deeply danceable italo-disco jam with an extended instrumental break plucked straight from a 1976 swingers club. Macomber says the track's kinetic impulses came from a surprising place.

    "I wrote 'Your Planet' for my dear friend Josiah who died when we were just shy of 21," Macomber told BuzzFeed News via email. "Josiah remains one of the most incredible people to have ever walked this planet. My fantasy is that he now has his own world and that when he looks back to earth he remembers me and knows how much i love him. "

    Pre-order The Planet on iTunes here.