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    Premiere: Lindsey Stirling Gets Wild In The West For Her "Roundtable Rival" Video

    It's fiddle vs. guitar in a showdown for the ages.

    Lindsey Stirling, the dubstep violinist who went from YouTube stardom to a No. 2 album on the Billboard 200 this year, has a reputation for taking violin to extreme places.

    For her "Crystallize" video in 2012, which now has over 105 million views, she did her thing in a glacial Colorado landscape that was as beautifully eerie as the song itself.

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    Lindsey Stirling.

    For new single "Roundtable Rival," taken from her sophomore album Shatter Me, released in May, Stirling travels back in time apparently in search of an even more unforgiving environment: the Old West.

    In the big-budget, narrative video, premiering here on BuzzFeed, Stirling faces off against an up-to-no-good outlaw named Durango Black, who personifies the song's hard-charging guitar counterpart to Stirling's furious fiddle.

    Black rolls in, guitar-a-blazing.

    But he's no match for Stirling and her band of dancing damsels.

    Watch all the high-noon hijinks unfold in the full video below.

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