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    Premiere: Amanda Seyfried And Girls' Christopher Abbott Are Brooding And Beautiful In Jesse Marchant's Video Trilogy

    The erstwhile movie stars appear in the folk singer-songwriter's ambitious short film, premiering right here on BuzzFeed Music.

    This is Jesse Marchant, formerly known as JBM, a New York-via-Montreal singer-songwriter with a vulnerable baritone.

    Darek Dziong.

    His self-titled third album, released in September, is an understated indie-folk epic, calling to mind My Morning Jacket, Bon Iver, and Bruce Springsteen at his world-weariest.

    Using the album as a jumping-off point, Marchant recruited old friends Amanda Seyfried and Girls star Christopher Abbott for an ambitious music video trilogy.

    No Other.

    Directed by Houmam, Part 1 of the trilogy, "Words Underlined" premiering here on BuzzFeed Music, features the two stars casting far-off glances in a somber desert town. Sly cinematography coyly obscures whether the protagonists ever occupy the same time and space.

    No Other.
    No Other.

    Marchant, who plays a mysterious, guitar-toting troubador in a brief cameo, said the video was shot over a long weekend in 29 Palms, California.

    No Other.

    "There is just such a strange feeling to the area, which I think was masterfully captured by Zack [Galler, cinematographer]," Marchant said in a statement. "That weirdness lived within all of us for those days. It felt as though we were all living in this strange dream together."

    Watch the full, haunting video for "Words Underlined" below and download Jesse Marchant's album here. Part 2 and 3 of the trilogy coming soon.

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