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Frank Ocean Just Put A New Song On Tumblr


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Frank Ocean, reclusive R&B hero, just ended an extended break from releasing new solo music by posting a song (or a taste of one) to his Tumblr. It's called "Memrise" and you can listen below.

Here are the lyrics:

I memorized the wayward expressions

Never look down

Never let you see me down

I memorized the way no directions

Can I come over now

I’d like to stay a little while

I memorized your body exposed

I could fuck you all night long

From a memory alone

I never forget a face

Don’t go plastic on me

Nothing’s set in stone

You’re not dipped in gold

Dipped in gold

You can’t breathe if you’re dipped in gold

You are not on paper

You are not a copy

You’re so, you’re thick, so thick

Ocean had been expected to release the long-awaited follow-up to his Grammy-winning 2012 debut Channel Orange this year, but details on the project have been scarce.

In June, video director and Ocean collaborator Nabil Elderkin told BuzzFeed News that he'd heard the new album and had this to say: “Everyone should be excited about this new album — that shit is fire. He’s making a great record. It blows the sophomore-album myth out of the water.”