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    Duke Dumont Is Your Patron Saint Of Party Jams

    Turn up for Duke.

    Duke Dumont, the mad scientist of party-starting, just released his newest single, "Won't Look Back," and it's totally bonkers.

    It opens with a passionate piano solo and then quickly transitions into a powerhouse, hands-in-the-air vocal sample. That's when things really get cranking.

    "Won't Look Back" is Dumont's first single of 2014, following the radiant "I Got U" in December, and his first smash "Need U (100%)" last spring.

    Earlier this month, he made this irresistible mix of summer jams for BuzzFeed.

    When it comes to feel-good music, this is your one man party playlist.

    William Sloan / Via Flickr: wjgs

    Welcome to the weekend.