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These Made Up Lyrics Might Be The Funniest Drake Meme Yet

Emo Drake + puns = Truly the internet's finest work. H/t Twitter user @AllThese.

Anyone who knows Drizzy knows that he's a fan of wordplay.

He's an expert at similes and metaphors.

And he's aaaall about puns.

Seriously, the only thing Drake loves more than clever lyrics are SAD clever lyrics.

Sensing a theme, an anonymous Twitter user decided to help Drizzy out by coming up with more mopey and puntastic lyrics for him.

And the results are truly masterful.

The trend is catching on quickly, yielding some spectacular results.

Really just magnificent pun-making.

Toilet humor AND wordplay. What's not to love???

So heartbreaking. So hilarious.

Really, A+ work.

Please. Keep 'em coming.

Thank you, people of the web, for making the world a little wittier. You even made Drake smile.

For more, visit @AllThese here.