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23 Symptoms Of Being Hopelessly Addicted To Flamin' Hot Cheetos

Love is real.

1. You often fall asleep looking like this.

2. And wake up looking like this.

3. You remember your first encounter with them vividly, as the moment your life changed forever.

4. And you've resigned yourself to eventual obesity.

5. You're aware of the health risks and stuff, but you've convinced yourself that you're immune.

6. You're willing to sustain all sorts of injuries for the mind-blowing taste.

7. This is the happiest sight in the world.

8. Sure, there's competition, but only one of these makes your stomach flutter with feelings of love.

9. You sometimes cancel social plans to go home and spend time with Cheetos, your truest friend.

10. Honestly, you feel no need for romantic prospects either.

11. But if someone bought you these socks, you would marry them instantly.

12. This is your tongue's usual state.

13. You've gotten out of bed at 3am to go looking for them, because once a craving hits you, nothing else matters.

14. If you happen to find a store that carries the large bags, you immediately spend all of your money.

15. People who don't relate to your addiction are dead to you.

16. Seriously, you reserve your harshest judgment for people who can't handle the heat.

17. But other addicts are automatically promoted to BFF status.

18. All meal times are improved by this special magical ingredient.

19. If there is an afterlife, this is what heaven looks like.

20. This is the only song that has ever been written that understands you perfectly.

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21. You're aware that eating them is a slightly masochistic experience, but it's one you crave on the daily.

22. And it doesn't matter that they've literally burned off all of your tastebuds...

23. Because they're the only thing you care about tasting.