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25 Lifelong Effects Of Interning At A Fashion Magazine

The Devil may wear Prada... But only after you've steamed, expensed, and delivered the Prada to her.

1. The thought of Fashion Week terrifies you, even if you're nowhere close to it.

2. Whenever you're leaving to get yourself coffee, you can't help but ask everyone around you whether they'd like some as well.

3. You're still good friends with the baristas at the Starbucks closest to your internship.

And you still have your former bosses' coffee orders memorized. Skinny soy misto chai, anyone?

4. You get annoyed when you shop for clothes because you recognize which designer and which season inspired each item of clothing on the shelves.

Because everything that's on the shelves at Forever 21 today, you saw on Voguepedia two years ago.

5. You can move very fast in very high heels.

Dodging traffic and carrying heavy loads if necessary.

6. You're an expert at ironing, steaming, folding, etc.

7. This was you when your friends complained about their jobs:

8. And if you ever happened to complain about yours:

9. You're a pro at finishing lunch in under five minutes.

And, if all else fails, you know you can survive without it.

10. Another skill you acquired: Keeping your cool around famous people, even when you want to fangirl hard.

11. "Hungover" is just a state of mind and "underslept" is for the weak.

12. You're an expert transcriber. American editor interviewing French designer? No problem. Indecipherable German accent? Piece of cake.

13. Your friends suddenly take your fashion advice very seriously.

14. You had to work hard to overcome your warped understanding of what "thin" and "fat" mean.

Same goes for "cheap" and "expensive."

15. Your friends laugh when you tell them you worked "in a closet."

16. And you experience PTSD every time you walk past a walk-in.

Because your instinct is to rearrange it by size, color, and season.

17. You know there's nothing more important than having PR people on your side.

18. You carry a pack of gum, black eyeliner, and some flattering lipstick on your person at all times.

19. You're great at budgeting because you spent so many afternoons doing expense reports for your boss's coffees and cab rides.

20. You're on first-name basis with several Urban Express, SendSuite, and FedEx employees.

21. When offered free swag, you take it. No. Questions. Asked.

22. Andre Leon Talley is your role model, Grace Coddington is your dream BFF, and Anna Wintour is... well, Anna Wintour.

23. You're glad to always know what's in and what isn't. Probably years in advance.

24. You're really good at looking fab while on an unpaid intern's budget.

25. And not only are you ready to run the world, but you're ready to do it in 6-inch stilettos.

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