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Definitive Proof That March Is The Best Month Of The Year

For starters: BASKETBALL. This year, create the best basketball-viewing experience by stocking up on all your Reese's and Coke Zero products at Target.

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1. March is the official death of winter.


Also, basketball.

2. But it's also the best month for skiing.


March will give you the most sunshine in winter, so you can stay on the slopes a little longer.

3. March 1 is National Peanut Butter Lover's Day.

Universal Pictures / Meet Joe Black / Via

And almost nobody doesn't love not avoiding peanut butter.

4. If peanut butter isn't really your thing, March 23 is National Puppy Day. / Via

Who doesn't love puppies?

5. Oh. Did we forget about National Cereal Day? Yeah, March has that too.


Did we mention that there's also a basketball tournament in March?

6. If you're not a fan of peanut butter or cereal or puppies (seriously, how?) March 10 is International Day of Awesomeness.

Paramount Pictures / Hot Rod / Via

Unofficially known as International Good Things Day.

7. In March, you still have to wear a light jacket, but it's not SO cold that you're miserable.

Kikoxxx / / Via

It's perfect.

8. As far as "real" holidays are concerned, St. Patrick's Day is clearly the most fun.

Majer / / Via

Sorry, Presidents Day.

9. Let's also not forget that March is Women's History Month.

Casey Cline / BuzzFeed

Women are the best; ergo, March is the best.

10. Daylight Savings Time is in March, which means more sunlight for your ride home.

Annie Goodman / BuzzFeed


11. Oh yeah! Pretty sure THE GREATEST BASKETBALL EVENT OF ALL TIME is in March.

Carlos 90 / (CC BY-SA 2.0) / Via Flickr: carlosdelgadolara


Don't ruin the best (basketball) month of the year with a terrible viewing party.

Stock up on all your Reese's and Coke Zero products at Target.

Stock up on all your Reese's and Coke Zero products at Target.