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16 Animals Who Are Just Living Their Best Lives

You do you, sassy fellas.

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4. This gal is stoked for Christmas, even if it's only November 12:

Instagram: @kirksays

"This Cwissmus house mine. There many like it, but this one for me."

6. Homegirl doesn't mind if you swipe right or not:

Instagram: @stephtownes

Interests: Being alone. Eating 🍕 in bed.

7. This brilliant master of disguise will do whatever it takes to get his sweetie:

youtube.com / Via cheezburger.com

"Day seven. I have become one with the teddies. Human still snuggles teddies. One day I will reveal to human my plan. I will get the sweetie."

9. This lady who ate the rug, even if it meant she might get grounded:

Instagram: @junotherabbit

"How do you like them apples, DAD?"

12. This sassy cat meowed for "ham," not "hand":

Instagram: @grey2scale

"Dumb human..."

14. This fur ball cannot and will not accept your "free kisses":

"What was— what THE! Touch my tail ONE MORE TIME." 💀

15. This cat named Cheese understands viral content but will carry on doing his thing:

Instagram: @clarkmccaskill

"More like cuslumber, amirite? Ayyyyy, LMAO."

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