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16 Animals Who Are Just Living Their Best Lives

You do you, sassy fellas.

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1. This cat can't be told who it is:

Courtesy of Kirby Darland


2. This guy who knew the email was NSFW but still opened it anyway:

*Opens email.* ಠ‿ಠ
Courtesy of Clark McCaskill

*Opens email.*


3. These pandas are just sliding through life, carefree: / Via

Live. Laugh. Slide.

4. This gal is stoked for Christmas, even if it's only November 12:

Instagram: @kirksays

"This Cwissmus house mine. There many like it, but this one for me."

5. This happy camper is feeling himself and his eats:


Talk about comfort food, right?

6. Homegirl doesn't mind if you swipe right or not:

Instagram: @stephtownes

Interests: Being alone. Eating 🍕 in bed.

7. This brilliant master of disguise will do whatever it takes to get his sweetie: / Via

"Day seven. I have become one with the teddies. Human still snuggles teddies. One day I will reveal to human my plan. I will get the sweetie."

8. This fluffy fella is just happy to see you:

"Hey! What's up? Hello!"

"Hey! What's up? Hello!"

9. This lady who ate the rug, even if it meant she might get grounded:

Instagram: @junotherabbit

"How do you like them apples, DAD?"

10. This good boy just released ALL his inhibitions...

...and felt that wind on his skin.
Courtesy of Casey Cline

...and felt that wind on his skin.

11. This elephant doesn't need fancy toys to enjoy her life:


Give her a stage where this elephant can wave.

12. This sassy cat meowed for "ham," not "hand":

Instagram: @grey2scale

"Dumb human..."

13. "Oh, it isn't Halloween, you say? Tight."

"This is my Sunday best, Mom." 🍇😈👯
Courtesy of Edwin Hughan

"This is my Sunday best, Mom." 🍇😈👯

14. This fur ball cannot and will not accept your "free kisses":

"What was— what THE! Touch my tail ONE MORE TIME." 💀

15. This cat named Cheese understands viral content but will carry on doing his thing:

Instagram: @clarkmccaskill

"More like cuslumber, amirite? Ayyyyy, LMAO."

16. When it comes to living their best life, this quokka takes the cake:


Just look at the grin, that smile, that ~glow~.

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