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14 Insane Streetball Moves You Rarely See In The Pros

In streetball, breaking someone's ankles with a crossover or dunking in traffic is just as important as wins and losses. It’s a sport where style matters and #GameRecognizeGame. Here are 15 moves you wish you had, brought to you by Reebok Basketball.

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1. Switching the ball between hands in mid-air is no big deal.

2. The pace of the game allows for a little more creativity.

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See the full video here.

3. ...or a lot more.

4. For example, no one has ever pulled off a 720-degree dunk in the NBA.

5. Streetball players come in all shapes and sizes.

6. And you can play forever as long as you keep adding tricks to your repertoire.

7. Like a new form of dribbling where the ball doesn't leave the ground. The possibilities are endless.

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8. Your handles are how you show your personality.

9. It's a form of ballet...

10. ...or tap dancing.

11. Clowning your opponent is part of the game...

12. long as your game can back it up.

13. Your fakes always work better on subpar competition.

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14. The game requires a playful attitude, no matter what happens on the court.