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7 Reasons Why You Need To Watch "The Get Down" Right Now

Obviously there are more than seven reasons, because this is a fantastic show, but here are the main ones.

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If you are looking for representation of all kinds, then this is the show for you. You want a show where almost all of the characters are not white? Here it is. The main character, Zeke, is half black and half Puerto Rican, which is awesome. You want a show where the women have their own storylines beyond being love interests? Oh boy does this show have some strong women for you. You want LGBT representation? Yep, that’s in this show too. Although it’s not as prominent as it could be, with only the character Dizzee identifying as bisexual, the crew has promised that there will be more LGBT representation to come. They’re already dropping hints that one of the main characters, Shaolin Fantastic, is not straight and is in love with his best friend Zeke.

2. The Music

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The soundtrack to this show is just fantastic. In fact, one of the main storylines on the show is The Get Down Brothers’ music career. Shaolin is the DJ, and Zeke is the MC. Also, there’s plenty of disco, as Mylene’s career revolves around it. You get to learn about the history of hip hop and disco, and that’s pretty cool all on its own.

3. The Sets

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It’s no wonder The Get Down costs so much to make. The sets are incredibly elaborate, and just truly gorgeous. Recreating the look of the 70s is not an easy task, but this crew is certainly up to the job. My favorite set in this show has to be the club ‘Les Inferno’ but that’s just my opinion.

4. Complex Characters

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All of the characters in this show are three dimensional, which sadly cannot be said about many shows. Every character has their own unique style and personality, and nothing is as simple as black and white. I don’t want to waste your time explaining all the characters when you could just watch the show, but just know that my favorite is Shaolin Fantastic. I hope you’ll see why.

5. The Villains

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Oh man, the villains. The ones I’m mainly talking about are Cadillac and Fat Annie. While Cadillac can be funny at times, honestly he’s awful. He does end up having some character development, I’ll give you that, but he starts out pretty bad. But he’s not the main villain. No, he works for Fat Annie. I have to be honest with you, Fat Annie truly scares me, and I love it. She’s smart, she’s rich, and she’s got Shaolin Fantastic trapped in a life of crime.

6. Great Actors

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While a lot of the main actors are newcomers, each one of them is truly incredible. They all play the hell out of their characters and it really makes the show worth watching. Also, there are a few well-known actors mixed in there, such as Jimmy Smits and Giancarlo Esposito.

7. Emotional

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This show is sure to access your entire range of emotions. There are times when you laugh, times when you cry, times when you’re buzzing with excitement, and times when you just want to scream. This show is truly wonderful at changing the mood quickly, and it will leave you a mess.

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