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10 Fun Ways You Can Raise Money For Charity Right Now

Get started now. There’s no time to wait… Red Nose Day is Thursday May 25! Use your creativity to come up with a silly fundraising idea before it’s too late! Even something small can help change children’s lives around the world.

1. Valley Girl Jar

Carolyn Coles / (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: carolyncoles

THE PLAN: Set up a charity jar that forces your annoying co-worker to drop a few bucks in every time he or she uses "umm" or "like" excessively. That way, you can fundraise for charity and get Karen to tone it down a little.

2. Armpit Fart Challenge

Chris Unera / BuzzFeed

THE PLAN: Challenge your friends to a one-on-one armpit farting contest. The person who makes the loudest fart noise with their pit wins. The loser has to pay money to the charity jar. If you're great at armpit farts, this is your chance to do some serious good.

3. Fortune-telling


THE PLAN: Put on a silly hat and a blanket and invite your peers to have their future told by a "professional" fortune-teller (that's you now). You can instruct them that donating extra money couldn't hurt their chances for an improved fortune and can tell your boss that his stock would triple if he or she promotes you.

4. Pet / Baby Naming Raffle / Via

THE PLAN: Set up a blind raffle for your friends to name your new dog or your third child. The person who anonymously submits the most money wins the honor of naming it.

5. The Desk Wash


THE PLAN: Think of it like a car wash, but for desks...and instead of girls in bikinis, it's Alvin from accounting. Yeah, that could work!

6. Compliment Service

Ben Rosen / BuzzFeed

THE PLAN: Basically, you offer $2 compliments to anyone who needs a pick-me-up. Who doesn't want to hear "Hey, nice...teeth, friend"? Nobody.

7. Insult Service

Ben Rosen / BuzzFeed

THE PLAN: Same exact concept as the compliment service, but just be a total jerk.

8. No Coffee for Kids / Via

THE PLAN: Make a pact with your colleagues to go without coffee… Anyone who shows up caffeinated has to put money in the jar for charity.

9. Nickname Generator

Photographing Travis / (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: photographingtravis

THE PLAN: Set up a small spot in your school or office for people to pay and collect their own custom-made nicknames. For a small donation, you'll create a super-cool nickname for traditionally boring people. Like "Larrick" — that's a cool name. Who wouldn't want to be called Larrick?

10. Gamble for Charity

Death Row Records / Via

THE PLAN: Here's a simple game: Invite your friends to participate in your fundraising event where you roll a set of dice to determine how much you donate. The range is anywhere from $2–$12. Just like Vegas.

See, it’s easy to have fun, raise money, and change lives! Make your plan now and set up a giving page to get sponsored and collect money online. Get more ideas and all the tools you need here.