15 Reasons Why It’s Awesome To Be A Redneck

Let those colors fly, y’all. Catch up with 14 red, white, and blue-collared Americans as CMT takes them far away from cold beer and drop them in a tropical paradise where they’ll complete for $100,000! Redneck Island premieres Saturday, November 10th. 9/8c, only on CMT.

1. Pimping a redneck ride is easy.

Yo dawg, we heard you enjoy the outdoors…

2. They know how to cut a rug.

There is no shame or judgment on a redneck dance floor.

3. Rednecks will always help a neighbor in need.

Unless that neighbor is a Hatfield and/or McCoy, natch.

4. They spend all day huntin' fer critters.

Nothin’ relieves stress like blastin’ at fuzzy varmints.

5. Rednecks have the best music.

Because who would wanna boot-scoot to Nickelback?

6. They're resourceful.

Life lesson: never doubt the brilliance of redneck ingenuity.

7. Rednecks know kung-fu.

It’s a proud tradition that’s been carried on since Feudal Alabama.

8. They have a sense of humor.

Even if roughly 77% of redneck pranks end in missing fingers.

9. Rednecks know how to make chores awesome.

When was the last time you drove a Harley/John Deere hybrid, city slicker?

10. And they cook the best barbecue.

Note: no pigs were harmed during the making of this gif.

11. Rednecks know how to have fun in the sun.

This is actually just the clean-up. The real fun couldn’t be captured by gif alone.

12. They're all about that tractor life.

They didn’t choose this farm life. This farm life chose them.

13. Rednecks make their own rollercoasters.

And they don’t need yer fancy-schmancy Six Flags, neither.

14. They're masters at hiding in plain sight.

Few people know about the strong ties between the Redneck and Ninja clans.

15. And the redneck mullet will never go out of style.


So remember…


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