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  • Game of Thrones: 10 Throne Rooms Fit for a King

    If you’re like us and can’t get enough “Game of Thrones,” here’s a list of 10 “throne” rooms to keep you entertained until next Sunday. You don’t have to be a Lannister to live like one; each of these bathrooms is in a home for sale, so any one of them could be yours with enough gold. If you want to do your business like a king, just be wary of whoever starts knocking on the other side of that door; they could be looking to dethrone you.

  • Score Points with These 5 Slam Dunk Homes

    The NCAA Championships are upon us, and we know you have brackets and b-ball on the mind. While you’re waiting for those final four to settle their scores, check out these five homes for sale that will get you ready for game time with their amazing indoor basketball courts, brought to you by Redfin, a national real estate brokerage. But to layup you have to pay up: Each of these homes comes with a price tag of more than $1 million.

  • April Pools: 8 Amazing Indoor Pools That Could Be Yours

    Are April showers bringing you down? Here are eight incredible indoor pools that you can enjoy no matter the weather. It may be April Fools’ Day, but whoever buys one of these homes will be making a wise investment in some fun and relaxation. Each of these pools is in an amazing home that is currently on the market, so it could be yours — if you have the cash.

  • Go Green Or Go Home!

    Redfin rounded up seven homes for sale across the country that are beautifully decorated with a touch of green. Be sure to check out the listing pages for additional photos, and be prepared to be green with envy!

  • Eight Enviable Places To Watch The Game

    Jersey, check. Remote, check. Snacks, check. You’re ready to flip on the big game… or so you thought. These unbelievable home theaters will take your Super Bowl basics to the next level.

  • The 15 Cutest Photos On The MLS

    The MLS - or multiple listing service - is what homeowners and real estate agents use to post photos of homes for sale. Most of the time they’re basic photos of kitchens and bedrooms, but occasionally they’re interrupted by an adorable animal photobomb. Here are the 15 cutest photos found on

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