15 Folks Who Didn’t See It Coming

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1. This bouncy pup who forgot how to dog.

2. This unsuspecting fisherman who's about to get the bass dropped on him.

3. This guy who found out he can talk to dogs by saying the wrong thing.

4. This adventurous kitty cat who's ready to travel to a new dimension.

5. This tough-guy-in-training who might not be as tough as he looks.

6. This busy businessman who can't believe he spilled a latte on his $3000 dollar suit, COME ON.

7. This listless lass who really needs to work on her hand-eye coordination.

8. This flustered homeowner who really needs to do something about that darn rift in space/time.

9. This hungry cafe customer who may have accidentally ordered his pie ala throwed.

10. This cringing water balloon victim who thinks that everything went much better than expected.

11. This crazed concertgoer who's saving some money on festival food.

12. This surprised skater just who needs help searching for her contact lens okay.

13. This soccer player who knew what he was getting into when he took this job.

14. This overzealous canine who shouldn't have skipped leg day at the gym.

15. And this unsuspecting bystander who will never trust leaves again.

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