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15 Essential Buys To Have A Memorable Summer

Try some cool new gadgets this summer, and while you're at it, try REDD'S Apple Ale.

1. Spill-proof pint glasses 'cause we all know beer is precious.

2. This floating green:

3. Will life be the same after trying this giant machete spatula? Let us answer that for you: NO, IT WON'T.

4. Oh, and you know how the number seven has celestial powers? The Stingray 7-in-1 BBQ Tool proves it.

5. A summer party without music is an opportunity to intently listen to nature.

6. There's only one good way to eat watermelon, and it starts with this mini slicer:

7. But if you're a brisket fan, you need to get these claws ASAP:

8. Transform from an ordinary human into a slider chef wizard with this thing:

9. Oh, were you thinking chicken? Let drumsticks and thighs pleasantly rest in this awesome rack:

10. This lil' device will supervise your meat for you:

11. Give your grill the maintenance it deserves with this brush:

12. In any summer festivity, it's essential to keep the crew hydrated...

13. ...and entertained...

14. ...and comfortable.

15. Turn any backyard into a friggin' cinema with this inflatable movie screen, and make any summer party dope AF:

Have a bomb summer with the help of these items. Make it refreshing with REDD'S Apple Ale.