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15 Essential Buys To Have A Memorable Summer

Try some cool new gadgets this summer, and while you're at it, try REDD'S Apple Ale.

1. Spill-proof pint glasses 'cause we all know beer is precious.

Firebox / Via

According to our estimations (and the abundance of guys at bars with beer stains on their polos), around three ounces of beer is spilled every time someone drinks a pint. This must stop. Thankfully, the Mighty Pint Glasses are here to help.

2. This floating green:

Pool Center / Via

You know that phrase "If the mountain won't come to Muhammad, Muhammad must go to the mountain"? Well, with this mobile golf course, Muhammad could've just stayed chillin' by the pool because the mountain (err, floating green) would have indeed come to him.

3. Will life be the same after trying this giant machete spatula? Let us answer that for you: NO, IT WON'T.

Amazon / Via

Your life will vastly improve, and long gone will be the days of mediocre burger-flipping. It's superb.

4. Oh, and you know how the number seven has celestial powers? The Stingray 7-in-1 BBQ Tool proves it.

Amazon / Via

Check out this Eighth World Wonder here.

5. A summer party without music is an opportunity to intently listen to nature.


But nature isn't going anywhere, and summer doesn't last forever, so get this wireless Bluetooth speaker *with* LED lights here.

6. There's only one good way to eat watermelon, and it starts with this mini slicer:

Uncommon Goods / Via

Watermelon should be eaten with the loving and tender care this utensil provides.

7. But if you're a brisket fan, you need to get these claws ASAP:

OXO / Via

They shred meat at lightning speed and are modeled after a giant expert clawer Persian cat who, to this day, has yet to find a set of drapes that could survive his wrath.*

*Fact we made up, but it sounds good, so whatever.

8. Transform from an ordinary human into a slider chef wizard with this thing:

Miles Kimball / Via

House nine baby patties in this convenient steel basket to create nine adorable mini burgers that you and eight friends will devour like baby beasts. <3

9. Oh, were you thinking chicken? Let drumsticks and thighs pleasantly rest in this awesome rack:

Man Law BBQ / Via

Hey, 2015 called. It wants its rusted tongs back. This wing rack gives you 12 beautiful chicken wings, evenly cooked.

10. This lil' device will supervise your meat for you:

Amazon / Via

Don't ever lift the grill again — the iGrill Mini will tell you when your meat's done.

11. Give your grill the maintenance it deserves with this brush:

Hammacher / Via

Keep your grill lookin' and feelin' 💯 with the Steam Cleaning Grill Brush.

12. In any summer festivity, it's essential to keep the crew hydrated...

Bormioli / Via

Sadly, it's implausible that horchata water will retain its celestial taste if a load of soon-to-be-melted-ice accompanies it. BUT it's possible thanks to this agua fresca–saving pitcher, and it's only $9.99.

13. ...and entertained...

Hammacher / Via

The Pool Paddleball Playset is actually as fun as it looks. No shame in enjoying summer like a kid — actually, it'd be shameful not to enjoy summer like a darn kid.

14. ...and comfortable.

Hammacher / Via

"I do not want to ride a doughnut with LED lights," said no one ever.

15. Turn any backyard into a friggin' cinema with this inflatable movie screen, and make any summer party dope AF:

Amazon / Via

The day may turn to night, but you can keep the entertainment going 'til infinity if you want by placing this inflatable screen at the edge of the pool.

Have a bomb summer with the help of these items. Make it refreshing with REDD'S Apple Ale.