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The 7 Instagram Accounts You Don't Need In Your Life

Because we all follow them and we really don't know why. Disclaimer: you may or may not actually be one of these people.

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There are clich├ęs, and then there are these Instagram accounts. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for creating an online "identity", or aesthetic, or whatever you want to call it because (in short) it sells. I mean, that's who the brands go to to sell their stuff! But if you want to put your legit, one-of-a-kind, original self out there into the Instaverse, think outside the box and maybe don't use any of these seven as a step-by-step guide.

The Traveler


The person who is never in one place and posts incredible pictures from all over the world. They might even be a complete stranger! And yet, they somehow manage to make you feel like an un-worldly hermit because you haven't been to Spain/Australia/Vietnam/ANYWHERE in your young life, while also forcing you to question how they can possibly afford it... However, I've always believed that jealousy can function as a great form of motivation.

Oh, did I say jealousy? I meant complete and utter life-envy.

The Fitness Guru

Freyameow / Via

Guru, addict... Either way, you can't forget the person that seems to be at the gym EVERY SINGLE DAY. And if they're not at the gym, it's meal prep or progress photos (#fitspo). I mean, power to them, right? Self-discipline is certainly a virtue. But it can be hard to toss them a like when you're in your pyjamas and looking down at your phone, all while exhibiting some serious double chin.

The Do-It-Yourselfer

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You know them. The Instagrammer that shows off a sweater they knit themselves in less than an hour, or the geometric oak shelving unit they put together in their garage. They can even give you inspiration to pick up some knitting needles or a hammer and try it yourself. That is, until you start compiling the list of materials and/or time that you'd need and the motivation meter rapidly plummets.

The Selfie-r


Whether it's in a mirror, from a selfie stick, or the good old fashioned front-facing camera, this person almost exclusively posts photos of their face. You feel an obligation to "like" each and every one these posts due to the immense amount of pressure you feel to be a good friend and follow through with the double-tap. And granted, self-love is a wonderful thing! But then again, a little variety never killed anyone either.

The Pro / Via

It could be nature, fashion, street photography, whatever. You are almost guaranteed to be following someone who is convinced they should be sponsored or famous. Throwing a VSCO filter on a picture of a brick wall with a quote in the caption within a sea of pictures of brick walls with quotes in the caption doesn't get you very far in the Instaverse anymore. Not that you're totally innocent in that area, either.

Raise your hand if you've ever typed "famous quotes" into a search bar?

The Foodie

phillytocharlston / Via

Food has become a kind of genre in social media content, which has helped to develop the new and improved "foodie." They post photos of the most insanely colourful, elaborate, and mouth-watering food from places you've never heard of. And they probably/definitely put your slightly below average food photography to shame on a regular basis. (But honestly, you and I both know you've tried a restaurant from this person's Insta and never looked back.)

The Ghost

clisawrite / Via

There's always the exception and this one is a bit of a mystery. Why? Because this person never fails to like your posts (as a true friend and follower should), but they haven't actually posted a photo since like, their eighth grade graduation. Which also begs the question, what's the point? I mean, does it even count if they don't put up any content? Not that you're really complaining, considering the boost they give to your follower and "like" counts. The more the merrier!

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