11 Dogs That Are In Big, Big Trouble

Man’s best friend? Or biggest enemy?!

1. “I know it was a new rug, but where else was I supposed to go?”

2. “Yes. I stand by it. Socks belong in the yard.”

3. “Oh good! You found the present I caught and left under your pillow.”

4. “Was there really a whole pizza on this table a minute ago? I certainly didn’t see one…”

5. “Oh good, you smell that too. I was worried it was only me.”

6. “Nope! Definitely not on the leather couch. You’ve got the wrong guy.”

7. “Yes, yes I did bark at the neighbor. Yes, it was the old lady with a walker.”

8. “Your favorite shoes? I definitely didn’t chew them up.”

9. “Those chewed up shoes? I definitely didn’t bury them in the garden.”

10. “I DID ruin your garden, but you’ll never catch me!”

11. “Nope. Definitely didn’t hump her leg. See ya later.”

“Doggy door? Are you serious?”

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