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Things Seen As For Women Only, That Are Really For Men Too

What's been seen as "manly" and "girly" throughout history has undergone many changes. While many traits are connected to biological differences between the two sexes and are truly masculine or feminine, many other things have unnecessarily been given these titles. In this list, we'll be breaking down somethings that are seen as "feminine", but are actually gender neutral and can be worn/done by guys too.

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1. Skirts


Although just being shorts without the seam that makes them branch into two parts, today's society as become very strict on their views of men wearing skirts. Men wearing skirts has been seen throughout history, in various cultures, such as Chinese, African, Roman, and Greek. Warriors even fought in them in blood shedding battles. Despite this, society views a man in a skirt as weak and fragile. But in reality, if it fits a man's body and he likes it, a man should never be shamed for wearing one.

2. Dresses

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Another article of clothing that the vast majority of the time is seen worn by women. There's few marketing to men with them, and usually seen as completely inappropriate if a guy were to show up in a nice dress to a black tie event. Yet many other cultures in the world have men wearing types of dress.

But you may be saying, "Oh, well they don't fit the male body so they shouldn't wear it".

This same thing was said to women who first tried to normalize pants for women. Pants certainly didn't fit the curvy female body, considering they were made for men. Yet this didn't stop them from wearing them and making companies adapt. So really, us men should really take a leap and try on a nice dress. There's enough that fit us as of right now, and who wants to look like every single other guy in the room wearing a dull, black tux?

3. Makeup

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Although now already seeing a huge push in society with many male makeup artists representing many big name brands (James Charles w/ Covergirl, MannyMUA w/ Maybelline), many people still have problems with guys wearing makeup. I find this kind of foolish, considering:

1.) Most big name makeup companies agree that makeup is for men and women.

2.) For the women who complain, male makeup artists and drag queens have created many trendy looks that caught on quickly, such as "Instagram eyebrows".

3.) It's literally just pigmented liquids and powders. They're doing no harm (maybe a bit to their own skin) and it's really not "gross" to look at.

4. Long Hair (Especially In "Feminine" Styles)


Hair, something that grows on both sexes nearly the same, yet one is told to keep it short while the other is told to keep it long. While an increasing number of women have been cutting their hair short recently and many guys still wooing over them, guys growing their hair out hasn't really picked up speed. While there are many guys with long hair, many opt out of styling it in curls, braids, ponytails, or buns because they're seen as "feminine" and don't want to be judged.

Many dress codes in schools also prohibit guys from growing their hair long, which if taught at a young age can leave them thinking guys are supposed to never have long hair.

5. High Heels


Originally used by male horseback riders to get a steadier aim with a bow and arrow, and then being adapted by European culture to be a sign of masculinity and royalty, how did we as a society of label them as "women's" shoes?

By 1740, men had stopped wearing high heels. This was due to an avoidance of trying to be seen as "like females", considering women had started to wear them. It was also due to the blur of distinctions of classes and impracticality.

But who's to say us men can't take them back? Have them be a unisex shoe, because if someone wants to cause soreness to their legs for nice looking calves, then why should their gender get in the way of it? I mean, if it was truly a "feminine" product, how could it have ever been seen as "masculine"?

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