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    • red01angel

      You’re completely missing the point - my takeaway from this flowchart is that this whole movement is NOT ABOUT WHITE PEOPLE. We’re so used to being the center of almost every narrative (look at film and TV, politics, and pretty much everything else), I know it can be tough to step out of that mindset.
      Try to think on broader terms. We have a system (one that, as a white woman, my family and I have certainly benefited from) that has institutionalized racial inequality. Black people are receiving harsher sentences than white people for first-time offenses of the same nature.
      Black Americans make less money than white Americans for doing the same work. Don’t even get me started about the INSANE wage gap between white men and black women.
      Black Americans don’t have access to the same loans as white Americans. Redlining is still a thing, even though it’s been illegal since the 60s.
      And perhaps MOST importantly, black Americans cannot express their pain without white Americans - like many in this comment section - bristling and calling them racist. These are facts and these are problems whether you want to see it or not. White people don’t actually LOSE anything when POC join us on the platform of privilege. Why not try to make the world a better place for everyone? What, exactly, are you afraid of?

    • red01angel

      Stranger Things: a cross between ET and Stand By Me. I wonder why they released it right AFTER this year’s Emmy voting. They’ll be a real contender next year! Scream: the story is surprisingly engrossing, the deaths are gnarly, and the writing is SO much better than last year. If you were left feeling “meh” about season 1, season 2 will DEFINITELY change your mind.  Scream Queens: an amazing caricature and satire of not only horror tropes, but also comedy and life as a college student  AHS: especially the latest season. Gags slays, And Matthew bomer + cheyanne Jackson are god’s gifts to everyone. It’s also really gory and sexy.

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