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    35 Prom Dresses That No One Else Will Be Wearing

    Accidentally wearing the same dress as someone else should only ever happen in the movies.

    1. A double V-neck gown that has the perfect ethereal silhouette sure to make you feel like a prom princess (which is way better than prom queen).

    2. A long-sleeved gown with gorgeous gold embellishments. You deserve to go for the gold in this one.

    3. A peach-colored floral dress that's gonna look just peachy on you, I promise.

    4. A shimmering halter with ridiculously strong Cinderella vibes. You might want to make sure to buy some shoes with very secure straps. Just in case.

    5. A teal number perfect for free spirits and flower children alike.

    6. A capelet dress with feather embellishments that might just make you float away on prom night.

    7. A flowing gown that'll have you walking on air all night long, even if you accidentally wore uncomfortable shoes.

    8. A flared gown with such gorgeous detailing at the neckline, you won't even need to accessorize. Shopping done!

    9. A floral overlay dress that you can have made exactly to your measurements, meaning you won't have to worry about alterations.

    10. A lace dress with built-in boning and support that reviewers swear actually works. No tugging up a strapless bra all night long!

    11. A ruffled dress that definitely won't gather dust after your prom. This lil' number has almost infinite re-wearability.

    12. An off-the-shoulder dress with lace overlay and a full skirt that'll dazzle everyone in attendance.

    13. A one-shoulder velvet gown that adds the perfect touch of class with a lavish satin bow.

    14. An all-over sequined number with some serious va-va-voom factor, folks.

    15. A '50s-inspired number perfect for bringing some sock hop flair to your dance, daddy-o.

    16. A bateau-neck gown to bring a little Meghan Markle-inspired style to the party.

    17. A dramatic gown with a slit and train for serious Old Hollywood glamor vibes.

    18. A satin dress that adds unique cutouts, tie cuffs, and embellished detailing to a simple silhouette for the perfect dress alchemy.

    19. A ballerina-inspired dress you can still pull off even if you chickened out of your first and only ballet recital when you were four (definitely not a real example).

    20. A ruffle-detailed dress with a high-low hem and delicate sequin detailing, proving once and for all that black is the new black.

    21. A green wrap dress sure to make you ~glow~ in all of your photos thanks to the subtle green shimmer. And trust me, you're gonna be in a lot of pictures.

    22. A high-low dress that'll give you the freedom to boogie down without worrying about stepping on the front of your dress.

    23. A rhinestone-detailed dress with the perfect amount of sparkle — not too little, not too much, but juuuuuuuuust right.

    24. A vintage-inspired gown that I'm pretty sure was worn by Grace Kelly. Plus, it has pockets!

    25. An off-shoulder dress with a dramatic train that'll ensure all eyes are on you as you enter the ballroom (or the gym, depending on where your prom is).

    26. A chiffon dress that can be paired with a thousand different accessories. Bracelets? Necklaces? Earrings? A tiara?? The world is your oyster.

    27. A strapless gown with shimmering details that elevate this to showstopper status.

    28. An ombré sequin gown that'll make sure you won't fade into the background.

    29. A two-piece gown with a beaded neckline and patterned organza skirt, because it's all in the details.

    30. A full-skirted dress that has so much wow-factor, you're basically guaranteed to be the belle of the ball.

    31. A satin wrap gown with gorgeous ruffle detailing that's gonna look cool as heck when you get on the dance floor.

    32. An embellished mini so you can have thousands of sequins, rhinestones, and pearls accompanying you to prom. I mean, who even needs a date?

    33. A strapless gown that's straight out of a fairytale garden. Sorry, though, the woodland creatures that helped you make it are gonna have to wait outside while you dance the night away.

    34. A mermaid gown with a sweetheart neckline that'll basically guarantee a flood of compliments all night long.

    35. A classic suit because maybe a dress isn't your style — no matter what, you'll look bomb in this classy number.

    Have fun!! Take lots of pictures! Call me if you're going to be out past midnight!! I love you!

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