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    Celebrate Your Pet With Shop BuzzFeed's New Collection For Cat And Dog Lovers

    The purr-fect collection for paw-rents and pup-preciators alike.

    We all love our pets — that's just a fact! But how to let the world know? Besides showing everyone photos of your lil' fluffball at every opportunity, why not try Shop BuzzFeed's Animal Lovers Collection? They've got tees, sweatshirts, stickers, and more, so you'll never have to spend a moment without a reminder of your favorite four-legged creature.

    Here's some of our favorites:

    1. A dog day sweatshirt that (forgive me, but you had to see this coming) is a total ~slam dunk.~

    a model on a rooftop wearing the grey sweatshirt with art of a yellow dog dunking a basketball in a green trash can, and purple tie-dye bike shorts

    2. A cat banana sticker so everyone can see that your kitty is a little bit of a ~slippery~ fella. Or just that you like cool art. Both are good, honestly.

    the red and blue cat sticker with a yellow banana on its head

    3. A cat AND dog sweatshirt because everyone always says you have to be a Cat Person or a Dog Person, but being a Both Person is just as valid.

    a model holding a small grey and white dog and wearing the grey sweatshirt with art of a blue and green dog and a pink and orange cat

    4. A phone case for those days when you really wish you could call your pet while you're at work, just to see how their day is going.

    Don't forget to check out the rest of Shop BuzzFeed's Animal Lovers Collection!

    A lot of the designs are available in multiple formats, so if you want a Slam Dunk Dog sticker or a Banana Cat T-shirt, you can grab those as well.

    Cats and dogs living in harmony forevermore after you shop this collection: