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    I Went To A Fancy, All-Inclusive Resort In Mexico, And Here's My Honest Review

    No kids, unlimited drinks, and swim-up suites!

    For my 30th birthday, I decided to go big and stay at my first-ever all-inclusive resort.

    Upon arrival, we weren't stuck waiting at a check-in desk! We were instead escorted to a lounge and offered a welcome drink — and like everything else at Unico, it was free, aka included in our all-inclusive room rate.

    Lounge area at Unico

    Probably the most amazing thing about Unico was the absolute serenity! On our walks from the main lobby to the pool area, I heard nothing but birds and ocean waves.

    Main pool

    As we set out to explore Unico, we got our first glimpse of the beach — and it was truly what I envisioned paradise would look like.

    path leading to the beach

    While a lot of beaches in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula have a bit of a seaweed problem as of late, Unico clears all the seaweed off the beach — ensuring you're not walking through piles of it on your way in or, worse, getting slapped in the face with it as you swim.

    evening beach walk

    Now let's talk rooms. Because the rooms are definitely what convinced me to book!

    Outside the rooms at Unico, showing a balcony and patio, outdoor furniture, full-length windows, and stairs descending into the pool

    The view from our room felt so secluded, which was great for the introvert in me.

    Everything at Unico is so well designed. It truly feels like accessible luxury.

    Unico room

    And apparently, turndown service is a thing! I had never experienced it before, but I loved it!

    breakfast menu and evening chocolates

    Each day, our local host would send us the listed activities for the day...but there was also plenty to do outside of the list.

    kayaking in Riviera Maya

    Not sure how the water is both so blue AND so clear, but it was a treasure!

    kayaking at Unico

    Now, I KNOW you want to know about the food!

    For my birthday, we decided to book an off-site excursion. We did the half-day cenote-and-snorkeling tour, and it was well worth it.

    Cenote in Riviera Maya

    When we got back from the cenote, we found that our local host had brought champagne to the room for my birthday!

    Later that evening, we took a sunset sail...but honestly, I don't recommend it.

    A fun thing, though, at Unico: Everyone gets a free hat as a gift, and you can get them painted! I got mine to say "30 trips around the sun" to celebrate my 30th, and I love it so much!

    Woman on a boat holding a hat that says "30 trips around the sun"

    I thought the free champagne was the end of Unico celebrating my birthday, but it definitely wasn't! Kristel went above and beyond and had the room decorated while we were on the boat!

    Woman sitting on a bed and holding a little avocado piñata in a room decorated for a birthday, with the sign "Feliz cumpleaños" hanging above the bed and balloons and sweet treats on the bed

    For dinner, we went to their Italian concept restaurant, Mi Carisa — and Kristel organized them singing to me and bringing out this celebratory dessert.

    "Happy Birthday" written on the dessert plate

    So here are my overall thoughts about Unico.

    Unico at night

    Have you ever been to an all-inclusive resort? What was your favorite thing about it? Share in the comments below. ✈️