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    Rating Cities In Italy From "Not Worth Visiting" To "I Want To Stay Here Forever"

    Italy is a country I never get tired of traveling. While I haven't been to every region quite yet, I think it's about time I rank some of the most popular destinations in Italy based on how much I loved — or didn't love — it there.

    My favorite boot! Italy is filled with jagged mountains, picturesque seaside towns, and hills that go on for days. While these are my ✨personal opinions✨ maybe they'll come in handy when you finally plan that trip to Italy!

    Positano's colourful cityscape with leisure and fishing boats on the sea

    1. Verona

    2. Bari

    City of Bari with a cloudy sunrise over the sea

    Stay at the Olive Tree or Short Lets Grandi Stazioni.

    Hotel room with tall windows and little chandelier

    3. Pompeii

    photo of a hand holding up a postcard of Pompeii in front of the ruins in Pompeii

    4. Genoa

    Tall buildings in Genoa

    Hotel Nologo is a nice budget hotel.

    Hot tub on the deck of Hotel Nologo

    5. Venice

    Canal in Venice with gondola boats and buildings on the water.

    6. Rimini

    A sand beach on the east coast of Italy.

    I stayed at Hotel Villa Lalla.

    Outside view of Hotel Villa Lalla

    7. San Marino

    View from San Marino with houses, mountains, and the ocean in the distance

    8. Trieste

    Port city of Trieste's downtown area with boats lining the marina.

    9. Rome

    The Trevi Fountain
    The colosseum in Rome

    For a party vibe, I was recommended to stay at YellowSquare in Rome.

    Bustling Italian bistro outside of Yellow Square Hostel

    10. Lake Como

    Overhead view of Lake Como and a small town on a peninsula leading into the lake.

    Ostello Bello Lake Como comes highly recommended.

    Ostello Bello is one of only a few hostels near Lake Como. While you might have an easier time finding a hotel or Airbnb, Ostello Bello is a great place to meet people and socialize, something that's hard to do in a lot of hotels.

    Prices fluctuate, but you can find a bed for as low as $26.66 a night.

    11. Florence

    The Florence skyline during golden hour with a hazy mountain range behind the duomo
    The intricate architecture of the Duomo in Florence

    Since I was on a budget, and just wanted a good view, I stayed at PLUS Florence.

    12. Milan

    Up close shot of the intricate architecture of Duomo di Milano

    Stay at Hotel Paradiso if you love cats as much as I do.

    13. Sorrento

    Sorrento dock and boats in the evening

    Another day another rooftop terrace, enjoy a stay at Seven Hostel.

    Rooftop terrace with mountain views and lots of seating

    14. Positano

    Beach in Positano with beautiful mountain leading out to the ocean and stacked houses perched in a pyramid-like-shape.

    There are no hostels in Positano, so I chose to stay in Sorrento and take the bus into Positano during the day.

    Balcony with a small table and chairs overlooking the scenery of the Amalfi Coast

    15. Capri

    Mountains and cliffs of Capri leading to the ocean. Stacked buildings built into the side of the mountain with large terraces overlooking the view.
    Island of Capri with view of the sea and rock formations

    16. Bologna

    I stayed at Combo Bologna near the train station.

    Large outdoor steps and patio to hang out at the Combo Bologna hostel

    17. Cinque Terre

    Colorful houses stacked on a hill in Manarola

    I like Grand Hostel Manin so much that I've stayed there on multiple trips.

    18. Polignano a Mare

    Buildings of polignano a mare built onto caves jutting out into the sea

    It's most known for the famous seaside cave restaurant that is all over Instagram and Pinterest. I've never been, but the views look incredible.

    Restaurant built into a cave over the ocean

    There are so many more spots in Italy to visit! What are some cities you love that didn't make the list?