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    Tropical Destinations With Declining Covid Rates And What To Know Before Visiting Them

    Everything you need to know about popular beach destinations and their Covid precautions.

    If your idea of a white Christmas includes white sand beaches instead of snow, you might be considering a trip somewhere warm this winter. Covid-19 and the Delta variant especially is still a concern in many places across the globe, but these tropical destinations below are a few that are currently welcoming international travelers. Here's what you need to know about their Covid rates, precautions, and what activities might be off limits during this season.

    Boats floating in the bay of Bermuda with small lush islands surround them.

    1. Aruba

    Aerial from Aruba island with Palm Beach in the Caribbean Sea at sunset

    2. Bermuda

    The drone aerial view of sinky bay beach, Bermuda.

    3. Costa Rica

    waves crashing against the shore with a jungle covered beach in Costa Rica

    4. Curaçao

    Two wooden fishing boats on the crystal clear turquoise waters at Lagoon on Curacao.

    5. Grenada

    Photo taken in Hillsborough, Grenada

    6. Saint Lucia

    St Lucia Caribbean, woman on vacation at the tropical Island of Saint Lucia Caribbean ocean

    7. Florida

    Beach during sunset on Florida's gulf coast
    Worth Avenue Clock Tower on Worth Avenue, Palm Beach, Florida. Aerial Footage of the Worth Avenue Clock Tower on Palm Beach, FL During a Very Busy Weekday in January 2021.

    Winter travel bookings are upon us. While it is a risk to travel during the pandemic, some destinations are making it much easier to reduce the spread of Covid-19, while still allowing tourists to enjoy the beaches and escape the snow.

    Which tropical destination do you want to visit?