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16 Tried-And-True Hacks That'll Make Life A Bit Easier

Hear me out on these.

We browsed Reddit for life hacks and found some that are so simple they seem like they shouldn’t work, or like you for sure should have thought of them already. Don’t beat yourself up over not seeing the obvious, but do implement them into your life ASAP.

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1. Adopt the touch technique.


More: “Even if you know for certain, touch your wallet and/or passport before leaving for the airport,” says superdavit. Others use it on a more daily basis. “This is called the "Phone, Wallet, Keys" Pat. One, two, three in quick succession. This gets done every morning."

2. Make taking pills less painful by swallowing water first.


More: “Take the sip of water before you put the pill in your mouth. The pill will then float in the water in your mouth and not touch the sides or back of your mouth. It feels like all you're swallowing is water, and it makes it much easier to swallow pills, especially big ones."

3. Add a pinch of salt to coffee to make it less bitter.

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More: “It cuts the bitterness allowing you to use less sweetener to drown out the bitter."

4. Stop procrastination with the 15-minute rule.


More: “If it takes less than 15 minutes to do it, just do it. Really helped with my procrastination problem over small tasks piling up."

5. Get ice cold water all of the time.

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More: “Freezing a quarter full water bottle horizontally and pouring water into it, to get cold water whenever I need."

6. Never have a messy car again.

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More: “Take a piece of trash with you every time you leave your car. So easy to do and keeps my car actually clean."

7. Never worry about accidentally sending an unfinished email.

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More: “Filling in the 'To' field of an email last. After I've written the body of the email and checked everything. Amazing how many stupid errors I HAVEN'T sent to people since I started doing this. So simple, so satisfying."

8. Remember that hydration solves everything.


More: “When I want something and I don't know what it is, it's water. It's always water."

9. Keep candles long after you can’t reach the wicks thanks to spaghetti.

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More: “I have a box of spaghetti stored with my candles. I use a dry piece of spaghetti to light candles that have melted deep into their glass jars where my lighter doesn't easily reach."

10. Use gift cards to never get charged after a free trial again.


More: “I use gift cards for free trials so I don’t forget and get charged later."

11. Master your material at school or work by teaching it to someone else.


More: “Wanna check if you truly understand the material you’re studying for? Try explaining it verbally to someone as clearly as you can. If you can answer their questions and make them understand it, rest assured you do too."

12. Stop getting overcharged for travel.


More: “Search for plane tickets and hotels rooms using incognito mode to get the best deals, especially if you have searched a certain site multiple times for the same destination/hotel/flight."

13. Save money while shopping online.


More: “When buying something from a website you never used before, get all the way through checkout, like put in your email and everything, then stop. Close out the page, and wait. Chances are 1-2 hours later you'll get a "Hey you forgot something!" email which will also contain a discount or free shipping or something."

14. Learn the key combination that will save you many times over.


More: “Ctrl + Shift + T to reopen a browser tab you accidentally closed."

15. Remember the ultimate snacking hack.


More: “If you have a big pack of or chips, fold in the bottom of the bag so that it turns into somewhat of a bowl."

16. Go to the library!

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More: “Not only are there books there, but also you can check out video games, sewing machines, movies, museum passes... so much more. Not to mention the software, education and events that can help you get a raise, promotion, or better job."