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16 Tried-And-True Hacks That'll Make Life A Bit Easier

Hear me out on these.

We browsed Reddit for life hacks and found some that are so simple they seem like they shouldn’t work, or like you for sure should have thought of them already. Don’t beat yourself up over not seeing the obvious, but do implement them into your life ASAP.

1. Adopt the touch technique.

2. Make taking pills less painful by swallowing water first.

3. Add a pinch of salt to coffee to make it less bitter.

4. Stop procrastination with the 15-minute rule.

5. Get ice cold water all of the time.

6. Never have a messy car again.

7. Never worry about accidentally sending an unfinished email.

8. Remember that hydration solves everything.

9. Keep candles long after you can’t reach the wicks thanks to spaghetti.

10. Use gift cards to never get charged after a free trial again.

11. Master your material at school or work by teaching it to someone else.

12. Stop getting overcharged for travel.

13. Save money while shopping online.

14. Learn the key combination that will save you many times over.

15. Remember the ultimate snacking hack.

16. Go to the library!