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14 Reasons Looking For A Realtor Is Basically Like Dating

Commitment is hard, and you may want to play the field. After all, there ain’t nothin’ wrong with flying solo…except when it comes to home-buying. Get a partner in the home-buying game. Get REALTOR®.

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1. You've been attempting this "looking for a home" thing all by yourself.

2. (Sure, you tried some agents, but they didn't exactly get you.)

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3. That's fine! You'll just be alone! And independent!

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And overwhelmed!

4. Then — OMG! — you stumble upon someone great.

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5. And you think, Oh, wow, you actually get me.

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6. And that's, like, rare.

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7. They seem to know exactly what your dream house looks like.

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8. Y'all start actin' like partners in crime.


🚨 "You're gonna love this." 🚨

9. With your own language.

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"🏫🌞🐕🚿🚿🛁 🌳😞🔪"

10. Sure, you might hit some rough patches.


"Whelp. We may not have that house, but we have each other."

11. (But you find a way to bounce back from 'em)



12. And then — lo and behold — you find the most lovely place.

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13. And with a little bit more teamwork...

14. get to actually call it home.

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