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12 Realtors Share Crazy-Helpful Advice For House-Hunting

There are lots of people you go to for advice: your mom, your best friend, your cool hippie aunt... But when it comes to buying a home, you shouldn’t get advice from just anyone. You should Get REALTOR®.

1. "Pick the right agent..."

"When you're buying a home, it is a very emotional process. The relationship with the agent can be a lot like a marriage, so you want to make sure you can understand each other — their wants, their needs — and know you can vent, yell, tell funny stories to, and not be embarrassed."

—Jennifer A. (Smiths Falls, ON)

2. "Finding the right house is like meeting someone special — you know it when you see it for the first time in person..."

3. "Bring all the parties involved in the transaction — parents/special friends/advisors — to as many showings as possible..."

4. "The age of the house can be found on the toilet..."

5. "Meet the neighbors..."

"They are a good source to discuss the area and also any issues they might know about the house you are looking at."

—Marianne B. (Spokane, WA)

6. "Make sure you visit the house at different times of the day..."

"What might seem like a quiet neighborhood at 2 p.m. in the afternoon might not be so peaceful at 5 p.m. during rush hour."

—Marianne B. (Spokane, WA)

7. "Compromise on things that you can change, like not having a finished basement..."

8. "Get the best inspection you can..."

9. "Don't overspend on a home..."

10. "Every buyer who has wept over a home that got away..."

11. "Whenever writing an offer, accompany the offer with a personal letter..."

12. "The deal is not sealed on a home until the check clears..."

Advice you can trust — just one of the many advantages of having a REALTOR® by your side.