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12 Mistakes People Should Avoid When Staging Their Home

So your home décor is a little eccentric — so what? It shouldn’t matter what some random stranger thinks…unless that stranger is a potential buyer. Get Open House insights. Get REALTOR®.

1. Making a creepy doll collection the focal point.

2. Having a literal garbage pile for a housemate.

3. Displaying a giant collection of plastic grocery bags out in the open.

4. Using your bathroom as a shrine to hotel shampoos.

5. "Displaying" a "collection" of "collectables."

6. Neglecting to spiff up that — err, um — grotto?

7. Modeling your landscaping after one of those "before" photos.

8. Celebrating Christmas way past Christmas.

If the season is 🌞, pack up that 🎄.

9. Filling the house with the aroma of brussels sprout cookies.

10. Not neutralizing your walls.

11. Too much taxidermy.

12. Literally this:

When selling your home, don’t go it alone. Use a Realtor® and turn your listing from one of a million to one in a million.