This Country-Rock Cover Of Prince Is Completely Amazing

Alt-country diva Lydia Loveless, who stripped down Kesha’s “Blind” last year, does it again by turning Prince's classic "I Would Die 4 U" into a sparse and desperate devotional from the ladies' perspective.

BSHQ • 3 years ago

Michael Shannon Performed As Lou Reed Last Night At A Chicago Dive Bar

Boardwalk Empire and Man of Steel star Michael Shannon (who famously read that unbelievably profane sorority email) channeled Lou Reed perfectly last night while performing Reed's entire album Blue Mask with infamous Chicago musician Robbie Fulks and band at tiny Chicago dive club The Hideout.

BSHQ • 3 years ago

This Country Cover Of Kesha Is Totally Beautiful

Alt-country starlet Lydia Loveless stripped Kesha's "Blind" to the bare bones and rebuilt it with twangy swagger and rock 'n' roll balladry.

BSHQ • 4 years ago