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The Bachelor Recap Episode 4

This episode was literally the shit. Read the latest recap below!

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The girls all decide to tell Nick that Corrine needs to go or they might walk out. Smart move girls, give an extremely sexually motivated guy an ultimatum to get rid of the girl ready to jump his bones or talk feelings with you. Meanwhile Corrine is all..

At the rose ceremony the last rose goes to...drumroll please...Corrine. All the girls are shocked and appalled while America is laughing. Of course she's not gone yet, she hasn't slipped into Nick's hotel room to try and seduce him with her platinum vagine" Come on guys, common sense.

One on One date with Danielle L. Cookie decorating seems like a great idea until they walk in to a "Welcome back Nick" from a cashier whose seen him never before in her life. Then proceeds to give him the most ugly cookie of his face.

After squishing their cookies to make-out with each other, the date was starting to get super cute again.....until Nick decides to invite his ex-girlfriend on screen. I can feel the awkwardness from my couch.

Things got a little too crazy since Corrine had to sit out for an almost medical emergency of no circulation to her hands. Sarah wins the date with the best line "I don't know if it's the cow shit or the bull shit, but I smell shit".

Raven gets her first one on one date. Some people may say relationships on the Bachelor move to fast....well Raven met the family and basically became a soccer mom on the first all of those people are right.

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